Earned runs

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    Vincenzo Russo
    Hi guys, a question for you:

    1. the catcher doesn’t catch the third strike on a wild pitch and the batter-runner is safe on first base
    2. the catcher doesn’t catch the third strike on a passed ball and the batter-runner is safe on first base

    If in both cases the batter-runner subsequently scores a run in the inning, is the run earned or unearned?

    I assume earned (1) because wild pitch is pitcher’s fault, unearned (2) because passed ball is considered such as an error in recostructing the inning.

    What do you think about that?

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      Mark Astolfi
      You are correct in both cases…earned on the wild pitch, unearned on the passed ball. But I must point out, it doesn’t matter what you or I or anybody else thinks…them’s the rules.
      Lonnie Miller
      An earned run is any run scored against a pitcher that does not come as a result of an error or a passed ball. It is frequently the official scorer’s decision.
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