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    Bradley JANSEN
    I have a question that I am trying to wrap my head around and understand.  I know a ball has to pass the infield in fair territory before going into foul territory to be considered a fair ball.  But on a ground ball hit in the infield down the line,  if a player is in fair territory, and they touch the ball before it goes into foul territory, a.k.a  they try to knock the ball into foul territory with their glove,  wouldn’t the ball then be considered a fair ball? I have seen it in my video games that the fielders tap the ball into foul territory and they call it a foul ball. I always figured it’s a huge glitch in the game,  but I have had others say no it is a foul ball because the ball went into foul territory before passing the infield, totally ignoring the fact that the fielder touched the ball while in fair territory. Just looking for clarification on that aspect of the fair/foul ball.
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      Denver Jim M.
      You are correct.  A hit ball in the infield that is in fair territory, even if barely touching the line, is fair if touched by a defensive player.  The location of the ball is what is important, not where the fielder is when the ball is touched.  Same with a fly ball that is near the foul line.  If the ball is in foul territory when touched, even if the fielder’s feet are in fair territory, it’s a foul ball.
      Stan Dyer
      By rule, if a ball is in fair territory when it touches a player, or an umpire, that ball is fair.  It depends on the position of the ball when the ball is touched.  If the batted ball is over foul territory when it touches the person of a player or umpire, it is a foul ball.
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