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    Nick Muzzillo
    Umpiring a LL game. No outs. R1 on 1B. Batter lines out to SS, who doubles up R1 at 1B.

    Is this force out play still in effect here?  Had an argument with a coach. Does the 1B only have to step on 1B and he’s out?  Why is that?  How is the force out still on?

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      Frank Watson
      It’s a force play because R1 has to retouch his original base (first) after the ball is caught. He is “forced” to go back there after the catch is made. So he doesn’t have to be tagged.

      The actual wording is:

      7.08 Any runner is out when—

      He fails to retouch his base after a fair or foul ball is legally caught before he, or his base, is tagged by a fielder.

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