Fourth Out in Pirates-Nationals Game

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    Bob Portman
    I would love for you to post and interview the umpire involved on the no-call of the fourth out in the Pirates-Nationals game earlier this year (July 28 or 29).  With runners on second and third, a Pirate hit low line-out to Josh Bell at first who threw to third. Both runners took off on contact assuming it was trapped and advance to the next base (or home). Third baseman tagged the runner from second who was now on third and then stepped on the bag. Umpire correctly call the runner from second who was now on third OUT!  No one left the field, as the Pirates’ manager came out to verify that Josh caught the line drive.  Then the umpires sent the team off the field. Home plate umpire declared the out scored before the third out. Once the Nats were off the field, the Nats questioned that the runner from third who scored, was out because the third baseman touched the bag.

    In my opinion, it seemed that should have been called the fourth out by the umpire since it was done in continuous motion.  However, if the umpire wasn’t thinking about it or didn’t notice it and apparently the team didn’t say anything to the umpire, then it has to be appealed verbally. And that was the call.  They then tried to appeal it after the team left the field and that they can’t do. But what if the umpire had noticed it?  Does the defense still have to ask for the fourth out?

    Now, as a former umpire, I thought call should have been made. As a Pirate fan, I am glad it wasn’t. 😉

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