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    Chris Welsh
    What happens if a SS is wearing a 1B glove but nobody notices until he makes a great catch, say a line drive snag, to end an inning. Is the play nullified? Does he get ejected? I imagine this has happened in high school sometime.
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      Ben Levin
      In high school baseball, if a fielder touches a fair batted ball with an illegal glove, the batter and all other runners are awarded 3 bases from the time of the illegal touch.  The glove must then be removed.  The player is not ejected.  If a fielder catches a foul fly ball with an illegal glove, the ball is ruled foul/no catch, and the batter returns to bat (unless the offense takes the result of the play – could happen if R3 tags and scores on a caught foul fly ball to the RF corner).
      Tyler Ricketts
      I’m sure that has happened quite a few times in high school, hopefully the umpires knew the rule! That never crossed my mind until a few years ago when I was watching a game and the Cubs were defending against a sacrifice bunt. Rizzo was playing so far in and the second basemen, Javier Baez, was shaded way over towards the 1st base bag. The umpire stopped the game and deemed Rizzo was no longer playing 1st base and made him swap out his 1st basemen’s glove. I believe in the box score, Rizzo became and 2nd basemen and Baez switched to 1st base for that play. Interesting nuance of the game.
      [email protected]
      I believe in NFHS rules any infielder can you use a first baseman’s glove unless from what I understand the length and dimensions of the glove are bigger than what are allowed per rule book.. I believe this goes for all infield players except the catcher.
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