Left Handed Pick Off at 1st

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    Nathan Allen
    Does the left hander get 45 degrees with non pivot foot.
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      NFHS Rules set 6.2.4b says “failing to step with the non-pivot foot directly toward a base (occupied or unoccupied) when throwing or feinting there in an attempt to put out, or drive back a runner; or throwing or feinting to any unoccupied base when it is not an attempt to put out or drive back a runner;” No mention of the 45 degrees. HOWEVER, when you go to the Casebook, they essentially define ‘directly’ as to the 1B side of a 45 degree line; “To comply with the requirement to ‘step directly toward’, F1 must step to the first-bse side of a 45-degree angle between center of the pitcher’s plate and between home and first base.” I think NCAA has it in their rule set (45 degrees). Not 100% about OBR, but I don’t think they do. They go with the ‘did he step directly’.
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