Stretch position vs set position

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    Chris Welsh
    What is the difference between the stretch position and the set position? I hear those terms used interchangeably and I’m not sure if this is accurate.
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      The stretch position is when the pitcher is bending over taking signs from the catcher with his hands separated and one of them down at his side prior to coming to the set position where he brings his hands together and comes to a discernable stop.  At this moment, he now has the permission to pitch the ball.   Since these motions connect with each other, the terms have been used interchangeably by some.
        Nicholas Smith
        I came across something I haven’t seen before tonight. The other teams pitcher would be in the set position as soon as he touched the rubber. No stretch to home before coming up or back hand down before bringing it to his glove. He’d step on the rubber with hand in glove already and then deliver. Just to be clear it wasn’t rushed at all. He’d take his time, but if he was in that position as soon as he touches the rubber how does he then become set? I know it is long winded so thanks in advance for any feedback.
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