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    Thanks for the reply.

    I think that everyone watching would agree that the runner would’ve easily made it home. The issue was that the umpire would not make a judgment call. The three empires got together with a Director and they agreed that past third base, the runner was live, period

    The umpires refused to consider where the runner would’ve been had there been no obstruction.  That was the coach’s beef and of course, 1/2 of the parent’s beef.

    Fortunately, the tournament is over and I doubt anyone was so upset that they remember it now

    I coached select baseball for over 20 years and coached 10 years of semi pro. It really bothers me when an umpire doesn’t know the rules

    For example, twice in the last month I’ve seen home plate umpires shout “foul ball“ because a batted ball struck home plate and then went out into fair territory. After the game I asked each of the umpires why the ball was foul and they said that it was “because it struck home plate.“

    when I told them that home plate is in fair territory each of the umpires replied “that doesn’t matter.“ So, I asked why is it a fair ball if a ball hits first base or third base and then goes foul?  Both umpires said “that’s different.” Go figure.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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