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  • tommy.ventre
    The way Fed’s rule is written makes it seem like contact with the catcher on a follow-through is ALWAYS an immediate dead ball. But what about this situation:

    The pitch was never caught by the catcher (wild pitch/passed ball). To be clear, this no-catch is NOT a result of the follow-through contact — just an uncatchable pitch. Runner advances on the passed ball, NOT on a steal attempt. If the catcher wasn’t making a play on the runner, then by rule there is no interference, right? So do we still kill the ball? Do we still send the runner back?

    Maybe the key question here is when does the ball become dead. Fed says immediate dead ball if there is interferenceBut again, in this passed-ball/wild-pitch situation, there is no play being made on the runner, so is there really any interference? Can’t we keep the ball live? Can’t the runner still advance?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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