December 12, 2021

Is it Legal for a Fielder to Kick a Baseball?

Famous Paul O'Neill Blooper

Is it Legal for a Fielder to Kick a Baseball?




I thought it was never legal for a fielder to kick a batted ball. Is the exception because after his glove touched it in fair territory, his shoe was approved equipment or his foot became an extension of his body making it legal? I’m trying to figure this one out and did Paul know it was legal when he kicked it? I assume he was asked about it at least once sometime after the game?

Victor [email protected]

What about a ball rolling down first base line heading foul but the runner kicks the ball off that path and back towards fair territory? Is that a legal kick?


In answering your question, I’m assuming you’re referring to a batted ball. If the ball is in foul territory, and is still live, he should be out via rule 6.01(a)(2). If the ball is still in fair territory, he should be out via rule 6.01(a)(11).

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