March 6, 2020




When a runner passes the runner ahead of him, the trail runner is out. The ball remains alive and the lead runner (who was passed) may continue to run, but at his own risk. If passing the runner is the third out and there is a runner is attempting to score it is a timing play. So, if the runner from 3B touches home before a trail runner passes a leading runner, the run would count.


The lead runner may assist in keeping the trail runner from passing him. He can shout to the trail runner and he can even physically push the trail runner back.

Coaching Note

This play often happens with a runner at 1B and the batter hits a long fly ball which is uncertain of being caught. The runner at 1B watches the ball and hangs around the base thinking he might have to tag up. The batter/runner sprints around 1B in hopes that his hit goes for extra bases and he passes the lead runner. The 1B coach may shout to the runners, but he may not physically assist either runner. This would be coach interference and the runner would be called out.

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