The Rules of Scoring

The Rules of Scoring


Appeal of scoring decision: 9.01(a)

Assists: 9.10

Base hits: 9.05, 9.06

Bases on balls: 9.14

Batting out of turn: 9.01(b)(4), 9.03(d)

Box scores: 9.02, 9.03(b)

Box scores: how to prove, 9.03(c)

Called game: 9.03(e)

Caught stealing: 9.07(h)

Cumulative performance records guidelines: 9.23

Defensive indifference: 9.07(g)

Determining value of base hits: 9.06

Double plays: 9.11

Earned runs: 9.16

Errors: 9.12

Fielder’s choice: Definitions, 9.12(f)(2)

Forfeited game: 9.03(e)

Game-ending hits: 9.06(f), 9.06(g)

Individual championships, how determined: 9.22

League President: Definitions of Terms

Official scorer: 9.01

Ordinary effort: Definitions of Terms

Oversliding: Definitions of Terms

Passed balls: 9.13

Percentages, how determined: 9.21

Protested game: 9.01(b)(3)

Putouts: 9.09

Report: 9.02, 9.03

Runs allowed: 9.16

Runs batted in: 9.04

Sacrifices: 9.08

Saves for relief pitchers: 9.19

Shutouts: 9.18

Statistics: 9.20

Stolen bases: 9.07

Streaks, how determined: 9.22

Strikeouts: 9.15

Substitutes: 9.03(b)

Suspended game: 9.01(b)(3), 9.23(d)

Triple plays: 9.11

Wild pitches: 9.13

Winning and losing pitcher: 9.17

March 15, 2020
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