NCAA 1-1 The Game

NCAA 1-1 The Game

SECTION 1. Baseball is a game made up of two teams of nine players each. The team at bat is known as the offensive team, and its objective is to have its batters become base runners and its runners to advance legally, touching all bases. When this is done, a run is scored. The team in the field is known as the defensive team, and its objective is to prevent offensive players from becoming base runners and advancing around the bases. When three offensive players are legally put out, the teams change from the offensive to the defensive and from defensive to offensive. The object of each team is to score more runs than its opponents. The winner of the game shall be the team that scores, in accordance with these rules, the greater number of runs at the conclusion of a regulation game.In college baseball, the two teams represent their respective institutions and play the game in conformity with the rules that follow.

April 18, 2020
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