NCAA 2-48 Infield Fly

NCAA 2-48 Infield Fly

Infield Fly

SECTION 48. A fair fly ball (not including a line drive or an attempted bunt) that can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, when first and second or first, second and third bases are occupied before two are out. The pitcher, catcher and any outfielder who is positioned in the infield on the play shall be considered infielders for the purpose of this rule. In the case of a declared infield fly, the ball is live and runners may advance at their own risk. If a declared infield fly becomes a foul ball, it is treated the same as any foul.

Note: If a player intentionally drops a fair ball, the ball remains in play despite the provisions of 7-11-q. The infield fly rule takes precedence.

October 4, 2019
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