NCAA 5-11 No Game

NCAA 5-11 No Game

No Game

SECTION 11. “No game” shall be declared by the umpire if play is terminated before five innings have been completed by each team.

    Exception 1—If the team last at bat is at bat in the last half of the fifth inning and equals, before the completion of that inning, the score of the side first at bat, the umpire shall declare the contest legally tied.

If the team last at bat shall have made more runs at the end of its fourth inning, or before the completion of its fifth inning, than the team first at bat has made in five completed innings, the umpire shall award the game to the team second at bat; and it shall count as a legal game.

Exception 2—Teams previously have agreed to play by the halted-game rule (see 5-9).

October 21, 2019
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