NCAA 5-12 Forfeited Game

NCAA 5-12 Forfeited Game

Forfeited Game

SECTION 12. A game shall be forfeited only as a last resort in favor of the team not at fault in the following cases:

a. If a team fails to appear upon the field or, being upon the field, refuses to begin a game for which it is scheduled or assigned within five minutes after the umpire has called “Play,” unless such delay in appearing or in commencing the game is unavoidable.

b. If, after the game has begun, one side refuses to continue to play.

c. If, after play has been suspended by the umpire, one side fails to resume playing in one minute after the umpire has called “Play.”

d. If a team employs tactics obviously designed to delay or shorten the game.

e. If, after warning by the umpire, any one of the rules of the game is willfully and persistently violated. This includes crowd behavior that puts players or patrons in peril.

f. If the order for the removal of a player, coach or team personnel is not obeyed, the game is suspended until the order of removal is corrected (see 3-6-d).

g. If, because of the removal of players from the game by the umpire or for any cause, there are fewer than nine players on either team.

h. If both teams are equally at fault and the situation is so out of control that the contest cannot be safely continued, or if neither team has enough eligible players available to continue the game, a double forfeit shall be called.

PENALTY—Players suspended for leaving their position and participating in a fight shall serve a four-game suspension. If a team does not have enough eligible players available to continue the game, the team shall forfeit the next four contests.

Note: If the umpire-in-chief declares the game forfeited, the umpire shall submit a written report to the conference office, the athletics directors at both institutions and the NCAA staff liaison to the Baseball Rules Committee (see 10-28).

October 21, 2019
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