NCAA 7-5 A Ball

NCAA 7-5 A Ball

A Ball

SECTION 5. A ball is:

a. A pitched ball at which the batter does not strike and which does not enter the strike zone on the fly;

b. Called by the umpire when the pitcher takes more than two pumping motions before delivering the ball when the bases are unoccupied;

c. Called by the umpire when the pitcher makes an illegal pitch or a quick return pitch with the bases unoccupied, unless the batter safely reaches base;

d. Called by the umpire when the pitcher takes the signal from an illegal position; or

e. Called by the umpire when, with the bases unoccupied, the pitcher fails to deliver the ball within 20 seconds after receiving the ball (see 9-2-c).

October 24, 2019
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