A batter is hit by the pitch.


A batter is hit by the pitch.

A batter hit by a pitch while in the batter’s box is awarded 1B. The ball is dead and all runners forced to advance move up one base. This includes the batter being hit on any part of his person including protective equipment such as elbow pads and helmet. It also includes any protective equipment that is sticking out of his back pockets.

The batter MUST attempt to avoid the pitch. If the batter, in the umpires judgement, does not attempt to avoid a pitch, then the pitch is called either a ball or a strike and the batter remains at bat (unless it is the fourth ball or third strike called)

NOTE: Umpires should instruct batter to tuck in pockets and not allow protruding items like gloves or pads to stick out.

November 18, 2019
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