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NFHS 3-1-4

NFHS 3-1-4/OBR 5.11

Here are the specifics of the designated hitter (DH) rule for high school games:

  • The DH can bat for any defensive player (not just the pitcher, as in some leagues)
  • The DH would normally bat for one player and any of that player’s substitutes on defense
  • The DH must be listed next to or under the player he is batting for
  • The DH and the player he is batting for are both locked into the same batting slot; neither of these two players can ever bat in
  • If the DH enters the game on defense, the player he was batting for must come out of the game
  • A replaced DH can re-enter as a pinch runner for the player who had replaced him
  • The DH role for a team is terminated for the rest of the game if:
    • A replaced DH re-enters the game on defense (the acting DH is disqualified from further participation)
    • The player for whom the DH was batting pinch hits or pinch runs for the DH

[OBR: DH must bat for the pitcher, etc.]