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NFHS 3-3-1 f thru k

NFHS 3-3-1 f thru k/OBR 8.01d

When an umpire is trying to deal with a coach who is being difficult, the normal disciplinary route is to first warn the coach to stop or to eject him from the game for his words or actions, or both.

A high school umpire has one additional option. The umpire can also “restrict” the coach to his bench for the duration of the game. The coach must then remain in his dugout or the bench area. The one exception is that the restricted coach is allowed to come on the field to assist any of his players who become injured.

Restriction to the bench is not a requirement before a coach can be ejected; the coach can still be ejected immediately when his words and/or actions warrant ejection. “Restriction” should be seen as one option in addition to warning a coach that can be used rather than ejecting him.

[OBR does not provide for a restriction to the bench.]