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NFHS 8-4-2q

NFHS 8-4-2q/OBR 5.09c2-A.R. B

If the ball becomes dead, a runner who has missed a base or failed to tag up has to correct his mistake before reaching the next base. If he is at least one base beyond the base in question and the ball goes out of play, he is out on appeal no matter what he does. The same thing holds if the runner had not yet touched the base beyond the one where he failed to tag up or to touch, but he does so after the ball goes out of play. He can no longer return to correct his mistake and he is out on appeal.

[OBR: the runner can be anywhere and is able to return to touch the base he failed to touch or retouch, as long as he does not proceed to touch a base that is in advance of where he was when the ball went out of play.]