Bobby Witt Jr.

Expert Analysis

Fair or Foul?

Topics: Expert Analysis

On July 22, 2023 the Yankees hosted the Royals.  Bobby Witt Jr. led off the top of the fourth with a bunt along the foul line between home and third. The ball eventually rolled foul, barely off the line. So, Yankees’ third baseman DJ LeMahieu pushed the ball to keep it from rolling back into…

Expert Analysis

Touch ‘Em All

Topics: Expert Analysis, Placing Runners, Replay Review

Play No. 1 A base runner is required to touch every base in order and to retouch any missed base. There are various layers involved in the rules when either of those conditions arise. The Pirates and Cubs played at Wrigley on May 17th. In the bottom of the eighth, Cubs’ prospect Christopher Morel homered…

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