Home Plate Collision Rule

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Did Tommy Pham Violate Home Plate Collision Rule?

Topics: Home Plate Collision

The White Sox and Brewers played at American Family Field on June 2, 2024. In the top of the eighth, Chicago had Tommy Pham on third and Nicky Lopez on second with one out when Corey Julks flied to Christian Yelich in short left center. Pham tagged-up at third and raced home. Yelich’s throw to…

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MLB Rules Questions and Answer September 2023

Topics: Expert Analysis

On-Deck Interference? QUESTION: In the Pirates-Cubs game on September 19, 2023, interference was called on the on-deck batter. Was that the proper call? Can you explain what happened? ANSWER: The Pirates and Cubs played at Wrigley on September 19, 2023 In the bottom of the sixth, Patrick Wisdom was batting with the bases empty and one…

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2023 Home Plate Collision and Pitcher Declaration

Topics: Rules Controversy

Regarding the Collison at Home Plate rule, the catcher has no restriction when receiving a throw from the pitcher or a drawn-in infielder. The following two plays illustrate those aspects of the rule. Catcher Receives Throw from the Pitcher The Nationals hosted the Guardians on April 15, 2023. In the top of the eighth, the…

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