Jose Trevino

Expert Analysis

Two Right of Way Plays in MLB in 2024

Topics: Batter Runner

Right of Way Play No. 1 Player Comes out of Dugout and Interferes with Fielder Rule 6.01 (b) rarely surfaces in the game of baseball. But it did in the June 9, 2024 game at Oakland where the A’s hosted the Blue Jays. The rule that is titled “Right of Way,” reads, “The players, coaches,…

Expert Analysis

Rafael Devers: A Busy Night

Topics: Expert Analysis

The Yankees and Red Sox played at Fenway on July 8th when Boston’s Rafael Devers was involved two plays worthy of attention. In the bottom of the second, Devers was batting with runners on first and third and two outs. Facing Nestor Cortes, he hit a towering fly several feet up the first base line….

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