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Deflected Balls that Remain in Play (Part 3)

Deflected Batted Ball Strikes the Runner  Deflections make for knotty problems since they usually lead to right of way arguments.  Whenever a batted ball is deflected off the pitcher or another infielder into the path of the runner, one of three things can happen: The ball can remain alive and in play The runner can […]

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Don’t Look Back

Teams often lose a “Time Play” run when the runner advancing to the plate looks back to see what’s going on behind him. The Dodgers dodged a bullet when Joc Pederson made this mistake while the Dodgers hosted the Milwaukee Brewers on June 16, 2016. It took instant replay to confirm the Dodgers’ tying run […]

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Runner Slides Home During Time Play

The runner approaching home plate needs to touch the plate ASAP. I would prefer that he run through the plate rather than slide. In the following play, however, the runner hustled home and slid to beat the third out. The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the Boston Red Sox on August 7, 2016. The Dodgers had […]

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Runner Struck by Batted Ball Behind Infielder

The Twins beat the White Sox 8-5 at Target Field on September 1, 2016. In the top of the first, the White Sox had Tim Anderson on first base and one out when Melky Cabrera hit a shot that got by Twins’ first baseman Joe Mauer. The ball then struck Anderson who was behind Mauer […]

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Time Play

When the third out occurs by a back runner just before or just after a lead runner crosses the plate and that out is not the result of a force out or the batter-runner being retired before reaching first base for the third out, you have a “Time Play.” If the runner advancing home crosses […]

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Ball Gets Lodged in Catcher’s Equipment

Ball Gets Lodged in Catcher’s Equipment In the July 31, 2016 game between the Dodgers and D’backs in Los Angeles, a pitched ball disappeared into the chest protector of Dodgers’ catcher Yasmani Grandal. A fourth-inning curveball in the dirt from pitcher Ross Stripling bounced off Grandal’s mask and into his chest protector. At the time […]

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Controversial “Right of Way”

I often emphasize the importance of understanding who has the “right of way” both offensively and defensively. Perhaps the most controversial “right of way” play of the season occurred on July 8, 2016 when the Dodgers hosted the Padres.

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When Lights Fail at the Ballpark

The Cubs defeated the Dodgers, 4-2, on June 22 but played the final part of the game under protest after patches of lights stopped working for 20 minutes. Every light bank was still functioning across Wrigley Field, but groups of lights went out with one out in the bottom of the sixth inning, halting play […]