MLB Replay Review Regulations

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2024 MLB Instant Replay Reviewable Play Card

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Listed below is the official MLB Instant Replay Reviewable Play Card Courtesy of MLB

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2024 MLB Replay Review Regulations

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Listed below are the official MLB Replay Review Regulations for the 2024 Season. Courtesy of MLB Replay Review Regulations On-Field Regulation 2-12 I. Overview Video replay review in Major League Baseball (hereafter, “Replay Review”) is designed to provide timely review of certain disputed calls in all Championship Season, All-Star and Post- Season games played in…

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Toronto Manager Trades Out for Run, then A’s Protest Game

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It isn’t often that the manager of the offensive team will argue and request a replay challenge for the purpose of adding an out to his team while they are at bat. But thanks to the age of video replay and knowledge of the force out rule, former Toronto manager John Gibbons did that on…

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