runners lane interference

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Runner’s Lane Interference Controversy

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The Cubs and Mets played at Citi Field on September 13, 2022. In the top of the fourth, the Cubs had runners on first and second and no outs when Michael Hermosillo, facing Jacob deGrom, laid down a sacrifice bunt that was fielded by James McCann. The Mets’ catcher fired to first baseman Pete Alonso….

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The Right of Way

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It’s imperative that players on both sides of the ball understand when they have the “Right of Way.” When a fielder is attempting to make a play, the runner must avoid him. And  when a defensive player does not have possession of the ball, or is not in the act of receiving a throw, the…

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Batter-Runner Interference

Topics: Expert Analysis, Interference

Play No. 1 The Rangers and A’s played in Oakland on May 26th.  In the bottom of the seventh, Christian Bethancourt was batting with the bases empty and no outs facing Martin Perez. Bethancourt bunted the ball between the mound and the first baseline. Perez fielded the ball and tossed to first baseman Nathaniel Lowe….

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