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The Dangerous Batter-Runner First Baseman Collision

You might recall in my spring training presentation that I strongly endorsed the idea of having the first baseman (or second baseman) who is taking the throw from the catcher or the pitcher in the bunt area, to take the throw from a stretch position to the fair side of the foul line to avoid […]

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Runner’s Lane

The “runner’s lane” is the area halfway between home and 1B where a runner can be penalized for interference. If a runner moves outside the running lane to the fair side of the baseline he could be called out if his presence outside the running lane affects the fielder receiving the throw. Contact with the throw is not required for interference to be called.

Note: A fielder (usually the catcher) must actually throw the ball to a fielder covering 1B to receive an interference call by the umpire. The mere presence of the runner out of the runner’s lane is not enough to warrant interference by the batter runner.

Insider Report

Baez Baseline

The Giants hosted the Cubs on May 22, 2016. The Cubs’ Javy Baez led off the top of the eighth inning with a slow roller to first baseman Brandon Belt, who fielded the ball and tried to tag Baez and missed. But first base umpire Dana DeMuth called Baez out for running out of the […]