June 30, 2020

Broadcaster Rules Challenge #5 – The Rules Game Show

Dave Van Horne (Marlins), Joe Castiglione (Red Sox), Jim Joyce (Ret MLB Umpire)

Broadcaster Rules Challenge #5 – The Rules Game Show



Joseph p Graham

You mentioned if a runner misses first base you must be tagged to be called out. You said the answer was false. I remember watching a game and was told when a runner passes first base they are always safe and must be tagged with a verbal appeal to the Umpire for the batter Runner to be out. I believe the runner on first base was Hanley Jansen.

David Stubblebine

Jim Joyce made a comment in this segment that I wondered about. On “Too Close to Call” for 300 (catcher’s return throw to pitcher accidentally hits the bat), near the end of Jim’s comments he said that if the throw deflects off the bat into the dugout, all runners get one base (at 24:12 into the video). Why not two bases? This is a thrown ball by an infielder into dead ball area, isn’t it? If there is a special rule covering this, I could not find it.

Chris Welsh

This was a really fun show to do! Dave Van Horne was the original Montreal Expos PxP announcer (1969) and Joe Castiglione is a radio icon in Red Sox country. They are smart and tell some great stories. Jim Joyce was rated by MLB players as one of the best in the business and he knows his stuff.

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