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My Dad and the Play at First Base

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My dad is one of those people whose whole life revolves around the day’s game… in his case, the St. Louis Cardinals. I stopped by his place one day when the game was on and walked in just in time to hear him yelling about a call at first base. At the end of his…

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NFHS Baseball Points of Emphasis – 2017

Topics: Blog

This article appears on the official NFHS website, By NFHS on November 22, 2016 The NFHS Baseball Rules Committee and the NFHS Board of Directors believe there are areas of the game of interscholastic baseball that need to be addressed and given special attention. These areas of concern are often cyclical, some areas need…

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A whole lot of bumping going on

Topics: Blog, Fielding, Obstruction, Umpire

Runner on first, no outs. Lazy infield popup down first base line. First baseman and pitcher converge but it seems like it’s a play for the first baseman. As the batter-runner approaches first, he and the pitcher slightly bump which causes the batter-runner to lose his balance and fall. The pitcher also loses his balance…

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