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    I had help from another forum and this is what I got:

    <b>FED Official Interpretation:</b>  <b>Rumble:</b>  A “balk is also an illegal pitch,” so a balk would cancel the right of the defense to appeal. (Website 2003 #6)

    2003 NFHS Baseball Rule Interpretations <b>SITUATION 6:</b> With a runner at second base and two outs, the batter hits a single to right field. The runner misses third base and scores. The defense does not immediately appeal, and the ball is made live. With a right-handed pitcher on the mound, in contact with the pitcher’s plate, the pitcher illegally turns his shoulders to check the runner. A balk is called, and the runner is awarded second base. With the ball being dead, the defensive coach asks for an appeal of the runner missing third base. Is the defense allowed to appeal? <b>RULING:</b>No, the pitcher’s balk constitutes an illegal pitch and the defense loses the right to appeal the base runner’s error. (2-3-1, 8-2-5 Penalty)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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