July 22, 2020

How To Score Extra Innings – Official Scorer’s Advice

What about that runner placed at 2b?

How To Score Extra Innings – Official Scorer’s Advice


Josh Garatti

So you can get a perfect game and lose if they take you out after the first batter in the 10 th inning

Mark Astolfi

Rich, if a batter that reaches on an error scores, it is unearned regardless of any inning reconstruction. I think that’s why they are saying the ghost runner is “like an error” because his score in unearned. But I can’t believe his presence at second counts as an error in the sense that the defense missed their chance to put him out, which is the only thing relevant to reconstruction. So I suspect (but then again who knows?) that runs, not counting the ghost runner, scored after 2 are out and there are no other errors, are earned.

Rich Verost

In a normal inning, if the leadoff guy gets on via an error, then2 outs are recorded , any subsequent runs would be unearned because when reconstructing the inning, the leadoff batter would have been the first out. If we’re assuming in extra innings R2 got there via an error, when we reconstruct the inning, would ALL runs be unearned after 2 outs?

Mark Astolfi

The ghost runner will be considered on base “as if” there were an error, but is an error literally charged? I read that this “error” would not be charged to any fielder, and there is no such thing (or so far anyway) as a team error, right? Sounds like they don’t literally mean an error was committed, just that it will be treated that way for ERA purposes only. And still wondering how the ghost runner effects the status of a perfect game.

Chris Welsh

Ron Roth, Cincinnati Reds Official Scorer says this, “I will be putting XIR (extra inning runner) in the box where I would normally put the result of the at-bat for the runner that is placed on 2b.”

David Justice, not the player.

How would you mark the beginning of each extra inning on your scoresheet? E-1 ? Man on second.

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