July 16, 2020

MLB 2020 Rule Changes Extra Inning Rule

MLB 2020 Rule Changes Extra Inning Rule


Mark Astolfi

Roberto, my feeling about a perfect game is the same as yours: it means the pitcher allowed no batter to each base…the ghost runner was never a batter, so the perfect game stands. Although you must admit it would sound odd to say it was a perfect game is the ghost runner scored, say on a steal of third and a sac fly.

Roberto Saletti

I can answer as Italian scorer used to apply the mentioned rule in every national softball championship. The baseball tie break rule (something similar with two runners in first and second base) is used at international level by WBSC.
The runner in second is responsibility of the actual pitcher, but he will never be considered earned should he score. When balancing the scoresheet, a specific box for TIE runners who entered the field without passing by the batter box is added. That number is subtracted to the total number of players to obtain (and check) the PA (Plate Appearance).
As far as perfect game is considered in my opinion it deals with the batters faced and not with the additional runners placed in second by rule. So TIE runners do not affect the outcome of a perfect game. My 5 cents.

Mark Astolfi

Chris, I have to apologize to you…I asked about this rule in the forum and after 3 weeks it had not been approved, so out of frustration I reported it, I guess to get some attention. I realize that was uncalled for, I should have been more patient. But anyway, you have answered 2 of my questions…the pitcher need not be the ghost runner, and no penalty for the incorrect runner. What about changing the lineup to influence who the runner will be, without players actually taking the field? And I guess it’s more a scoring rule than a playing rule, but what about the status of a perfect game that goes beyond 9 innings?

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