January 16, 2021

Obstruction? Interference? Nothing? You Make the Call!

Obstruction? Interference? Nothing? You Make the Call!


John DeGirolamo

This fielder overruns this batted ball as he attempts to field it. The ball ends up two full steps away and behind the fielder. The ball did not remain in the immediate reach of F4. Also, F4’s momentum initially allowed him to exit the runner’s path but the misplay caused him to re-enter the baseline and impede the runner. The fielder’s initial path allowed the runner to assume the baseline would be clear. F1 did not have enough time to react and, in my judgement, F4 obstructed R1. I have Type B obstruction here. Award R1 2nd base.

Stan Dyer

I like that they give options because very few cases are cut and dried the way they are in Case Books. There always seems to be a lot of factors to consider, and, of course, one’s judgment of all that is happening is important.

I called this one Interference, too. I felt the runner could have avoided the fielder.

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