Rule 2 – Section 36 – SUBSTITUTIONS

Rule 2 – Section 36 – SUBSTITUTIONS

2-36-1   A substitute is a player who is eligible to replace another player already in the lineup.

2-36-2   An unreported substitute is a player who, by rule, can be in the game but has entered without reporting.

2-36-3   An illegal substitute is:

  1. a player who enters or re-enters the game without eligibility to do so, or
  2. a player who re-enters the game in the wrong position in the batting order, or
  3. enters the game on defense while the player for whom he is batting is on defense, or
  4. when the player for whom the DH is batting enters the game as a batter or runner in a different position in the batting order, or
  5. a player who violates the courtesy runner rule.
October 6, 2019
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