September 18, 2022

Reds Broadcaster Chris Welsh Explains Controversial Final Play in St. Louis

Andrew Knizner's smart base running helps win the game for the St. Louis Cardinals

Reds Broadcaster Chris Welsh Explains Controversial Final Play in St. Louis

The Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals game on September 17, 2022 was tied 0-0 in the bottom of the 11th inning. The Cardinals had the bases loaded with 0 outs, and Paul Goldschmidt at the plate. Goldschmidt hit a ball to Nick Senzel, who was the Reds fifth infielder at the time, covering the third-base line in the do-or-die situation. Senzel attempted to throw the runner, Andrew Knizner out at the plate, but Senzel hit the runner’s elbow with his throw, which allowed the winning run to score. Cincinnati Reds broadcaster, Chris Welsh explained on the broadcast why the play was legal base running by Knizner – a play that has been covered many times here at Baseball Rules Academy.

Andrew Knizner said after the game about the play “I have to set my base path and get on the inside, and run right at where Romine was at to mess with the throw as much as I could.” Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol said that Knizner’s base-running was a “smart baseball play.” Marmol also said this was a play the Cardinals work on in spring training, where they instruct their players to “always take the inside path.”

Reds (infielder at the time) Nick Senzel said about Knizner that “he didn’t really establish it (baseline), he was snaking it, so it made it difficult from my view to get a good throw off.” Senzel said that the umpires told him “he (Knizner) is allowed to do that…you don’t have to establish a lane from third base….and the only way that he would need to establish a lane is if it’s a tag play.”

Reds catcher Austin Romine said “the runner created his lane on the outside of third base, I moved to the inside to create the throw. Senzel threw the ball, the runner veers off into the fair territory a couple feet, gets hit.” He said that he was told by the umpires that it is legal.



Perhaps this rule should be examined for possible update since there is now a rule change that effects where a catcher can be positioned when there is a throw to home.


Jim Pike makes a good point regarding the change in rule limiting the catchers available position. Can we get a lesson on the catchers options on plays at the plate?


I was watching live. As a Reds fan I hated it. But there is a runners lane chalked on the field the last half of home to first for a reason. There is no lane from 3rd to home for a reason as well. It was a legal play.

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