September 21, 2023

Running Third to Home

Smart base-running helps the Cubs steal a run from the Giants

Running Third to Home

The Giants and Cubs played at Wrigley on September 5, 2023. In the bottom of the seventh, the Cubs had Jeimer Candelario on third base and Yan Gomes on first with one out when Nick Madrigal hit a ground ball to Casey Schmitt. The Giants’ third baseman threw errantly to the plate. Most likely the errant throw was caused by Candelario who was running on the fair side of the third baseline.

Ruleball Comments

  1. This was a wise Ruleball running strategy on the part of Candelario.
  2. Candelario did not have a restricted baseline because he was not avoiding a tag, nor was he in a rundown.
  3. By running on the fair side of the third base line, he legally obstructed the throwing lane of Schmitt and visually hindered the Giants’ catcher Patick Bailey.
  4. This same strategy can be used running from first to second on the 3-6-3 or 3-3-6, or when a runner attempts to advance to second on a pick at first base. The runner should run at the target of the middle infielder covering second base. This will increase the degree of difficulty for the first baseman’s throw and will legally obstruct the vision of the fielder receiving the throw.

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