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Tampa Bay Rays Forced to Make a Pitching Change

Topics: Rules Controversy

The Rays and Red Sox played at Fenway on May 16, 2024. In the bottom of the ninth the Rays led the Sox 7-5. The Sox had Rob Refsnyder on third and Rafael Devers on first and two outs. Jason Adam was on the mound for the Rays ready to face Romy Gonzalez. Pitching coach…

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Umpire Loses the Count on the Batter

Topics: Incorrect Ball/Strike Count

The Mets hosted the Phillies on May 13, 2024. In the top of the tenth, the Phils had Bryce Harper on third and no outs. Nick Castellanos was at bat facing Sean Reid-Foley. It appeared that Castellanos walked following a 3-2 count but there was disagreement among the umpires regarding the count. As Castellanos headed…

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2024 Catcher’s Interference on the Rise

Topics: Catcher Interference

Catcher’s Interference: 5.05 (b) (3); 6.01 (c) Catcher’s interference has increased exponentially over the years. In 2002 there were 9 such calls the entire season. In 2022 there were 74 violations and in 2023 there were 97. According to MLB, in 2023 there were 64 challenges following a “no interference” call by the plate umpire…

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Should Infielders Blocking a Base Obstruction Be Reviewable?

Topics: Batter Runner

Play No. 1 The Yankees and Guardians played a split doubleheader in Cleveland on April 13, 2024. In the top of the third of the first game, the Yankees had Juan Soto on first base and no outs when Aaron Judge flied to Tyler Freeman in short center field. Freeman, seeing Soto was a good…

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The Many Layers of the Infield Fly Rule

Topics: Infield Fly

The A’s and Rangers played at Globe Life Field on April 11, 2024. In the bottom of the seventh, the Rangers had Adolis Garcia on second and Jonah Heim on first and one out when Jared Walsh hit a fly ball in the area of the pitcher’s mound. Several A’s converged on the ball. A’s…

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Home Run or Double?

Topics: Fielding

The Royals hosted the White Sox on April 6, 2024. In the bottom of the seventh in a scoreless game, the Royals had Salvador Perez on first base when MJ Melendez hit a shot to deep center. The ball struck the wall and deflected off the glove of Dominic Fletcher and then carried over the…

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Different Situations Where a Pitcher Delivers a Pitch Following a Balk

Topics: Balk

Play Follows a Balk The Dodgers hosted the Cardinals on March 30, 2024. In the top of the seventh, the Cards had Matt Carpenter on third, Alec Burleson on second, and Brandon Crawford on first with one out when Victor Scott II flied to Teoscar Hernandez in left. But the out was nullified when Dodgers…

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2024 Pitch Clock Cheat Sheet

Topics: Uncategorized

Listed below is the Official MLB Pitch Clock Card for the 2024 Season Courtesy of MLB

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2024 MLB Universal Ground Rules

Topics: Ground Rules

Listed below are the Official MLB Universal Ground Rules for the 2024 Season. Courtesy of MLB UNIVERSAL GROUND RULES The following Ground Rules are to be uniform across all 30 Major League ballparks. The Ground Rules listed below will not be listed on the individual ballparks Ground Rules, but will be in effect at all…

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2024 MLB Instant Replay Reviewable Play Card

Topics: Replay Review

Listed below is the official MLB Instant Replay Reviewable Play Card Courtesy of MLB

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