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Official Rules of Major League Baseball

5.10 Substitutions and Pitching Changes (Including Visits to the Mound)

5.10 Substitutions and Pitching Changes (Including Visits to the Mound) (a) A player, or players, may be substituted during a game at any time the ball is dead. A substitute player shall bat in the replaced player’s position in the team’s batting order. (b) The manager shall immediately notify the umpire-in-chief of any substitution and […]


Recent protest has many asking, “What is a protest?”

With last month’s Cubs-Nationals game ending in a protest from Joe Maddon, the topic of protesting in baseball came back to life. Although it is rare, with protests only being upheld 15 times in Major League Baseball history, it allows teams an avenue to enforce the Official Rules of Baseball at times when the umpires […]


Blue Jays Called for Obstruction, Manager Tossed

Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was ejected during the top of the eighth inning by umpire Vic Carapazza after Carapazza ruled a Type A obstruction on second baseman Devon Travis during a rundown with Franciso Lindor in the eighth inning of the Indians-Blue Jays game on May 8 in Toronto. Cleveland had runners on second […]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 8-6b4

An appeal is lost if the defense initiates a play before the appeal, but not if the offense initiates. [ORB 5.09c: The appeal is lost if either team initiates a play.]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 8-6b (3)&(5), 5-4c Penalty

An appeal ends if the defense errs and the ball becomes dead, runners advance or a fielder other than the catcher is in foul territory at the time the umpire puts the ball into play after time had been called. Defensive players may move to back up first or third base once the ball has […]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 5-5f Pen

On appeal, an illegal sub discovered on base is out and ejected. If a run is scored, it is disallowed if the appeal is made prior to the next pitch, in addition to the out/ejection. [OBR 5.10, INTERP: The illegal sub is ejected, but is not out.]