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Recent protest has many asking, “What is a protest?”

With last month’s Cubs-Nationals game ending in a protest from Joe Maddon, the topic of protesting in baseball came back to life. Although it is rare, with protests only being upheld 15 times in Major League Baseball history, it allows teams an avenue to enforce the Official Rules of Baseball at times when the umpires […]


Texas Two-Step; Edwards told to change, Doolittle, too late

The ninth inning of the May 18 game between the Washington Nationals and the visiting Chicago Cubs began like any other late-inning, three-run game. Nationals closer Sean Doolittle toed the slab in a save situation and retired Albert Almora Jr. for the first out. The next pitch is where the controversy officially became a game […]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 4-4c

Before the game, coaches must verify the legality of all equipment. [OBR: No rules provision.]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 4-4a

The head coach must attend the pregame conference for the first game of a weekend series or any non-conference game. [OBR 4.03a: The manager may send a representative to the pregame meeting.]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 1-3c AR

At the time of the pitch, a coach must position himself no closer to home plate than the front edge of the coach’s box and no closer to fair territory than the edge of the coach’s box nearest the field. [OBR 4.05b2: Coaches are to remain in the coach’s box at all times except when […]

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Time Plays 2016 – Summary

There are several factors that interfere with the successful execution of a “Time Play.” The runner approaching the plate often slows down before touching the plate when he realizes there will be no play made on him; The runner approaching the plate will often look back to watch the play behind him which slows him […]