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When the Umpire Messes up an Infield Fly

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Umpires are human so sometimes they make calls that make no sense, like calling an Infield Fly with no runner at 2B. It happens quite a bit at the amateur level and often causes chaos because no one knows what to do. Bring some sensibility and calmness to you next rules discussion by learning this…

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Interference? Obstruction? Infield Fly? You Be the Umpire

Topics: Infield Fly, Runner Interference

The Dodgers hosted the Marlins on Aug. 26, 2012. In the bottom of the seventh, the Dodgers had Adrian Gonzalez on second base and Andre Ethier on first with one out when Luis Cruz hit a soft fly between home and first. Marlins’ catcher Rob Brantly made an attempt to catch the ball but missed….

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When Should an Umpire Call a Pop-Up “Infield Fly?”

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