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Oops! MLB Umpire Catches Wild Pitch

In the July 27, 2018 Jays-White Sox game in Chicago, top of the fifth inning, Curtis Granderson was batting for the Jays with Russell Martin on third, Randal Grichuk on second, and Devon Travis on first with one out.  Sox pitcher Thyago Vieira unleashed a wild one. The ball bounced in the dirt and was […]

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Astros Appeal Two Runners

The Astros and Cubs played at Minute Maid Park on September 11, 2016. In the top of the third, the Cubs had Addison Russell on second base and Javier Baez on first when David Ross hit a fly ball in foul territory down the right field line near the stands. Astros’ first baseman Marwin Gonzalez […]

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Umpire Interference

There are two types of umpire interference: (1) When a field umpire (the second base umpire) is positioned in front of the infielders and is struck by a batted ball that is not deflected off another fielder, and (2) when the plate umpire interferes with the catcher’s throw in an attempt to retire a runner. […]