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Extending the Glove

I’m aware of the reasons that a first baseman is in a straddle position when receiving throws from the pitcher or catcher in the bunt area since it gives him greater flexibility. But in my opinion, in late developing plays on the fair side of the runner’s box, the first baseman should make himself long by extending his glove as far as possible into fair territory when receiving throws from the pitcher or catcher from the bunt area for the following reasons:

Insider Report

Pitcher Throws to Uncovered Base

Cubs manager Joe Maddon was ejected in the bottom of the fourth inning by first base umpire Adam Hamari in the afternoon game of a day/night double header in Cincinnati. The commotion was the result of a balk call made by Hamari on Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks that sent Reds’ runner Tucker Barnhart to second […]