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Rule of the Week: Baseball Lifespan

Hold a baseball in your hand. Feel its solid weight and smooth surface. Count its 108 careful stitches. Major League baseballs are hand-sewn in Costa Rica at a Rawlings factory that produces millions of baseballs a year. What happens to those baseballs? “The ball,” Rule 3.01 proclaims, “shall be a sphere formed by yarn wound […]

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Q&A: What happens if a batter hits the cover off the ball?

Q. In a 2014 game, the Brewers’ Martin Maldonado hit the cover off a baseball in a game against the Pirates. With a runner on first in the sixth inning, Maldonado hit a ground ball to Pirates’ third baseman, Pedro Alvarez. Somewhere between Maldonado’s bat and Alvarez’s glove the cover peeled off the baseball. What’s […]