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Yankees Pitcher Charged for Type A Obstruction

The Yankees and White Sox played on July 5, 2016, at U.S. Cellular Field. The Yanks had Brett Gardner on second base in the top of the ninth with no outs when Ronald Torreyes hit a high chopper toward first base. White Sox pitcher Michael Ynoa ran toward the ball to make a play but […]

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Protected Fielder

At the core of offensive interference is the concept of the protected fielder. A fielder is protected from the moment a ball is put into play and continues until the fielder has made the play, muffed the play, or throw after fielding the ball. Giving the Fielder the Right of Way Most baserunners know that […]

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Type A Obstruction Not Called

The Rays hosted the Jays on May 1, 2016. In the top of the ninth, the Jays had Kevin Pillar on first base and one out when Ryan Webb made a pick throw to first base that hung up Pillar, forcing a rundown. In the 1-3-6-1-4 rundown Pillar and Webb collided after Webb threw to […]

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2016 Bregman Obstruction

Obstruction is the act of a fielder who, while not in possession of the ball and not in the act of fielding the ball, impedes the progress of any runner. Contact does not have to be made for the umpire to rule obstruction. There are two types of obstruction: Type A and Type B. Type […]

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Type B Obstruction

Type B Obstruction occurs when there is no play being directly made on the runner at the moment of the obstruction. The ball remains alive and in play and there is no automatic base award. The Rockies and Braves played at Coors Field on July 21 when the Type B obstruction rule came alive. In […]

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Protected Fielders and Batter Interference

Batter Interference Batters and runners need to understand when a fielder is “protected.” Simply stated, it means the batter or runner should “stay away” and “avoid” the fielder when he is making a play. This includes fly balls as well as ground balls. In general, I think runners are aware that they must avoid an […]

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Controversial “Right of Way”

I often emphasize the importance of understanding who has the “right of way” both offensively and defensively. Perhaps the most controversial “right of way” play of the season occurred on July 8, 2016 when the Dodgers hosted the Padres.

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The Right-of-Way Rule

The Angels hosted the Mariners on June 26. In the top of the third, the M’s had Brad Miller on second when Mike Zunino attempted a sac/bunt. As Zunino exited the batter’s box, he collided briefly with catcher Chris Ianetta. Zunino then took a step back to relinquish space to Ianetta. Plate ump Cliff Fagan […]