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MLB Umpires Misinterpret Mound Visit Rule

Under rule 5.10 (L), (3) (4), a manager is prohibited from making a second visit to the mound while the same hitter is at bat but if a pinch-hitter is substituted for the batter, the manager or coach may then make a second visit to the mound but must then remove the pitcher. The D’backs […]

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Batter-Catcher Interference

Batter Interference Whenever the batter interferes following a strikeout and the catcher is attempting to make a play on a runner, the runner being played on is called out as well. Plate umpire Jim Wolff called Ben Zobrist out for batter interference in the top of the first inning of Game Four of the 2015 […]

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Call Reversal

A call reversal based on a video challenge happened in the Marlins-Mets game at Citi Field on April 18, 2015. In the top of the third, the Marlins had Adeiny Hechavarria on second base and two outs when Dee Gordon hit a slow bouncer to Mets’ shortstop Wilmer Flores. Gordon was called out at first base […]