trips to the mound

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Tampa Bay Rays Forced to Make a Pitching Change

Topics: Rules Controversy

The Rays and Red Sox played at Fenway on May 16, 2024. In the bottom of the ninth the Rays led the Sox 7-5. The Sox had Rob Refsnyder on third and Rafael Devers on first and two outs. Jason Adam was on the mound for the Rays ready to face Romy Gonzalez. Pitching coach…

Expert Analysis

What to Know About Trips to the Mound

Topics: Manager, Pitcher

Substitutions and Mound Visits  5.10 (a)-5.11 (D) (3) Substitution issues: Rule 5.10-b Comment Double-Switch: The manager must give the substitutions to the umpire before he signals. Both players must be given at the same time; A manager can do it as late as when he gets on the mound. If a manager signals before he…

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