May 16, 2019

What to Know About Trips to the Mound

What to Know About Trips to the Mound

Substitutions and Mound Visits  5.10 (a)-5.11 (D) (3)

Substitution issues: Rule 5.10-b Comment

Double-Switch: The manager must give the substitutions to the umpire before he signals. Both players must be given at the same time; A manager can do it as late as when he gets on the mound. If a manager signals before he gives the plate umpire the double-switch, the plate umpire is authorized to decide the necessary batting order changes and will put the new pitcher in the pitcher’s slot.

  1. A manager may give the umpire a double-switch while the defensive players are entering the field;

If an unannounced pitcher comes into the game before the manager confers with the umpire, he must stay in the game if he takes his position on the pitcher’s rubber. At that point an attempt to make a double-switch will not be allowed. This would be very rare.

  1. The opposing manager must be informed about multiple substitutions and any changes in the batting order.

If two pitchers are warming-up and the wrong pitcher enters the field, the correction can be made as long as it is done immediately.

Managers should signal with the right hand for RHP, and the left hand for LHPs

A pitcher can change to a defensive position and return to pitch only once per inning.

If a pitcher is replaced, the substitute pitcher must pitch to the batter then at bat or any substituted batter for that slot until the batter reaches base safely, is retired, or the side is retired;

(Ex. Pitcher picks off runner for third out without throwing a pitch…B.J. Ryan pitching for the Orioles on May 1, 2003, vs. the Tigers, won a game without throwing a pitch. After relieving Pat Hentgen with two outs in the 7th‚ Ryan picked-off Omar Infante at first base to end the inning before throwing a pitch. The Orioles scored 3 runs in the bottom half of the inning to make Ryan the pitcher of record on the winning side. Ryan was relieved by Buddy Groom for the eighth and Jorge Julio in the ninth. The O’s won the game and Ryan got the win without throwing a pitch.



If the pitcher incurs an incapacitating injury he can be replaced at any time.

Trips to the Mound (5.10-L)

  1. The trip begins when the manager or coach crosses the foul line and ends when the manager or coach leaves the 18-foot circle around the mound.
  2. When a manager replaces a pitcher, the trip to the mound is charged to the old pitcher, the one that is coming out of the game. The manager can talk to the new or substitute pitcher, leave the dirt circle of the mound and he or the coach can come back with the same batter at bat. This would be the first trip for the new pitcher.
  3. A manager or coach cannot make a second visit to the mound with the same hitter at bat, but if the pitcher has been in the game and has met his one batter requirement, if a pinch-hitter is substituted for the batter, the manager or coach can make a second visit but he must remove the pitcher from the game.

Under rule 5.10 (L), (3) (4), a manager is prohibited from making a second visit to the mound while the same hitter is at bat but if a pitcher has already met his one batter requirement and a pinch-hitter is substituted for the batter, the manager or coach may then make a second visit to the mound but must then remove the pitcher.

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