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Double Switch Delirium Reds Send Wrong Players into the Field

Someone once said, “Patience is the mother of all virtues.” That certainly holds true in the baseball sense. Every major league and minor league manager and bench coach needs to show patience in certain situations to maximize the benefits of the rule book. As we saw last week, Reds’ interim manager Jim Riggleman showed his […]

Official Rules of Little League-Level Baseball

9.04 Umpire Positions

(a) The plate umpire shall stand behind the catcher. This umpire usually is designated as the Umpire-in-Chief. The plate umpire’s duties shall be to: (1) call and count balls and strikes; (2) call and declare fair balls and fouls except those commonly called by field umpires; (3) make all decision on the batter except those […]

Official Rules of Little League-Level Baseball

9.03 – Umpire Roles

(a) If there is only one umpire, that umpire must be an adult and shall have complete jurisdiction in administering the rules. This umpire may take any position on the playing field which will enable said umpire to discharge all duties (usually behind the catcher, but sometimes behind the pitcher if there are runners.) (b) […]