February 8, 2024

The Various Obstruction Plays in Baseball

Video to help understand everything about obstruction in baseball


The Various Obstruction Plays in Baseball

The video helps you understand everything about obstruction plays in baseball. This video first defines obstruction, shows an example of a fielder making a legal play in front of a runner, explains the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 obstruction and the ultimate case of obstruction when a fight breaks out while a player is rounding the bases after a home run!

Rich Marazzi

Rules consultant/analyst:  Angels, D’backs, Dodgers, Nationals, Orioles, Padres, Phillies, Pirates, Red Sox, Rangers, Royals, Tigers, Twins, White Sox, Yankees, Bally Sports, YES, and NBC Sports Chicago.  



Roberto Saletti

Very useful video that clears the obstruction types. I have a scoring question regarding Type 1 obstructions occuring in a rundown. The Type 1 obstruction is treated like a missed out error to the player who committed the obstruction. In fact, an error is charged to him. What about the assists that occurred before the obstruction. It seems to me that they should formally be attributed as assists, according to Rule 9.10(a)(1). Actually, the fielders “threw a thrown ball in such a way that a putout would have resulted except for a subsequent error by any fielder”. Is that correct?

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